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Through the Halls of Darkness

Anubis stands Guard

Through the Halls of Amenti

The first morning on waking in Luxor, my eyes would not open.  They were shut tight and no way could I open them.  My eyebrows would raise but my lids had no movement at all.  This is a fairly common thing for me and when it happens I know that there is something energetic about to take place.  So, I surrendered to the process.  Not asleep but not fully in my body either the visions began and an experience began to unfold behind my inner eye.

Anubis Guards the Entrance

I saw clearly an opening to a temple or a tomb I was not sure which to start with, because it was just a door way and all was black inside.  The stone walls that I could see with the opening were black basalt.  Anubis was walking back and forward across the entrance of the tombs...  I felt I was being beckoned to enter but I was nervous; I knew I would be going in but I was not ready and so I could feel a hesitancy coming on and off within my heart space as I watched the scene unfold before me.  I could feel emotion begin to well up inside me and just like as if I was watching a movie I could feel the anxiousness of what was going to happen next.  This was to play out before me and I watched on....

Feeling the jump in my heart almost into my throat as I observed myself for several moments of watching Anubis walking back and forward across the opening to this pitch black entrance into ... where...  I cannot say I saw myself because I did not, but I could feel myself.

Remember the Love

It was totally dark and there was fear in my heart but I heard the words through my thought processes ... "remember the love".... and I cried.... my heart opened like an enormous well and the tears rolled down my face and I felt the Great Love and I seemed to manouvre toward opening when I saw a sarcophagus.  I knew the sarcophagus was me or rather I was in the sarcophagus and for an instant the sarcophagus took on the image of Mother Mary and then I felt the Great Love again and I the words ran through my mind again "remember the love"..... and my heart expanded again and the tears flowed and I remember my Mother and my Father and my heart opened even wider... I remembered my daughter; my first born and my two sons and my heart expanded even wider and the love flowed and the tears rolled down my face.  I remembered my ex-husband, father of my children and I remembered my Grandparents on both sides and my brothers and my sister and the love flowed on down my face in the form of tears and I, as the sarcophagus moved into the darkness......

The journey began as I observed the sarcophagus move through the dark halls of black basalt walls ... into the nothingness..........and all of a sudden the walls became pink granite and I continued moving through the halls.  Sometimes the walls were narrow and I would get stuck and the words would come... "remember the love" and I remembered the great love and the tears flowed and sarcophagus moved on through the pink granite walls sometimes facing two pathways and not knowing where to go and hesitating and the words would come again "remember the love" and the tears flowed and movement came and I continued through the halls and every time I got stuck I the words would come "remember the love" and again I would move on and on and on.........

Into and out of Eternity

It seemed to go on forever and my heart welled with love, with Great love and the tears they would come and then what seems an eternity I saw a great flash of water coming toward me.  It filled the whole of the halls and it was coming at me fast and I knew I would be overcome by this great water and the words came "remember the love"... and I remembered I was not this sarcophagus alone; it was me, it was my great mother, my great father, my great children and father of my great children.  It was my Grandparents, it was my brothers and my sister and I remembered the love, the great love and the water came upon me in great currents and I, the sarcophagus was carried at great speed pushed around by the power of the current but somehow I moved forward only being tossed about and then the water began to quiet and I my sarcophagus squeezed through the last tight fitting passageways as I kept remembering the love.  It floated  into a quiet pool in a land with light so majestic I cannot describe.  Upon the banks of the water way was a great light-being who appeared like Osiris standing tall.  The land it was so green and lush and the sky was bright light and there were flowers like nothing I can describe.  The feeling was so pure but I did not feel I could enter this land and in my heart up came a feeling, a tinge of the tiniest fear and my sarcophagus got carried away on the current of the water again and entered into a passageway filled with water.  I was carried again sometimes at great speed and sometimes not so and the words continued to pour through my mind "remember the love" and I did and my heart grew ever so and the tears they rolled and the Love was so intense it carried me all the way back through another entrance to the still pool of light with Osiris in his Light Body standing on the shores and Anubis waiting for me.

This time the Love was so great in my heart, my sarcophagus made its way to the edge of the water and Anubis lifted me and my sarcophagus with layers of me, my mother, my father, my children, my children's father, my grandparents, my sister and my brothers.

And the Light it was Great and the Love it was Immense and my heart swelled and the tears rolled and my eyes opened................



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