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Thebes of the North

Sarcophagi Lid - San el Hagar

Thebes of the North and the Sarcophagi Gateway 

Imagine the stillness and feeling of peace within when you have found your balance, your unification with your true self; when you have passed between worlds and found the secret of Being. Imagine the feeling of love inside of you..............  

Just for a moment close your eyes and go within to your heart centre.  Breathe with no thought, just feeling.  Go deeper, breathe deeper; there is no room for thought because you are in touch with your own inner presence.  You are in touch with the Divine aspect of you.  This is a fleeting moment of enlightenment.  Imagine this state of being as the state you carry all of the time.  Imagine that............ and feel the love....

Look at the image above and be that within your own heart, your inner world, you own inner body.  This is truth, this is what true healing is.  You have been told, heal thy self and you have wondered and sought outside of you to find the way to heal those wounded pieces... seek no further, the answers lie within, seek within yourself.

San el Hagar Thebes of the North

In the North of Egypt about 80kms from Alexandria we find the Thebes of the North.  We know Luxor in the South, once known as Thebes and now we have discovered the Thebes of the North. Following our guidance and staying in a state of presence the mystery of our trip is unfolding.  We have no set plan, we are simply opening daily to the mystery just as we open to the mystery of life.  The journey is unfolding.

Kim Wrightson 
Our driver got lost on the way to San el Hagar and it took us 4 hours to find the site.  When we arrived we were greeted by the guards of the site and only but a few remnant pieces laying around. 

We were lead up over the hill and there before us we saw a magnificent site; a site bigger than any other I have seen in Egypt to date.  It took our breath away.  There were no standing temples but the energy expressing a doorway, a gateway even, to something so profound that only if you stayed in your state of presence would you receive the gift being offered to you.

This place, it seemed so far away, so out of reach, just like finding oneself on this journey of life.  We got lost, just as we do in life.  Our driver has been here before and yet he forgot his way, just as we do in life, but when you find your balance and gain understanding to the truth of presence you once again find your way and the jewels are laid out before you like the lotus; the jewel of the Nile.  
Broken Lotus Pillars

Broken Lotus

And here we were in amongst broken lotus pillars, broken jewels of the Nile symbolising the seeking to stand tall and reach up again into the heavens opening our petals to the light and blooming into Self.  Lotus flowers, broken away from the pillar of that holds us up;  disconnection from our higher self.  


She once was lost but now she is found

Wandering this site we found pieces of ourselves.  We found our strengths and acknowledged that which we had lost long ago.
ChristinA Ritchie 
Inspiration flowed, wisdom claimed and love of the divine essence piecing together the missing fragments self.

Becoming whole again

What if I told you the secret, would you hear me, would you understand?  What if I told you, that you already know the answer to your healing, to your pathway, to your journey, to your greatness and to your greatest love of all;  would you feel it?  What if I told you how to be whole again?  Could you find it.... The answer is right in front of you and I can tell you and you can listen and you can sit and ponder and work it all out, but this is not the way to seek the answers.  That is not the path to wholeness.  

Rameses II - strength

Close your eyes, take a breath, shift into your heart. .... and there you are .... you are found ..... that is as simple as it is.....

A Sacred Lake

Mut and Amun

The sacred flows within as we walked to the new archeological site that has been deserted since the revolution.  Standing tall as we entered the site was Amun and Mut and to the right, a sacred lake.  A sacred lake healing the emotional body and keeping it sacred, cleansed and pure.  Finding the stillness, the perfect control and mastery over the emotions and enter ye into unification of balanced masculine and feminine in the fifth world of harmony, peace and freedom.

And so, with presence within we journeyed back to Cairo with a deeper connection to the love within.  We give our thanks to our driver Abdul and our friend and companion Amro Karam who always leads us to the places we need to be.  These are more often than not, places of lesser visitation by tourists.  Amro has a deep respect for the spirit of the individual and gives us the space to connect in the way that is right for us.  He does not rush us in any way and he honours every process are working with.  Amro knows that the energy still resides in the places that are not frequented by so many tourists; he calls them "the places for the meditation people". 

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  1. ChristinA...If you are called to visit the first Step Pyramid, please write about it! Zoser (Djoser) the ancient Priest/Healer/King built it...he works with me in my energy healing work...and of course, with any who are willing...he is very powerful and holds much knowledge...Love Marlene Swetlishoff

  2. Pyramid of Djoser  

    The Pyramid of Djoser, or step pyramid is an archeological remain in the Saqqara necropolis, Egypt, northwest of the city of Memphis. It was built during the 27th century BC for the burial of Pharaoh Djoser by Imhotep, his vizier. Wikipedia
    Address: Saqqarah, Giza Governorate, Egypt
    Opened: 2648 BC
    Built by: Imhotep
    Hours: Open today · 8AM–5PM
    Materials: Limestone
    Architect: Imhotep


    1. Hi Marlene, thank you for your comments. Yes, I know Djoser and the step pyramid at Saqqara but it is not yet on this trip line up ;) I am focusing on places I have not been and lesser known places this time. Moving more or less as to where I am called, so I am moving in a day by day manner so, it is not to say I won't go there and now you have pointed it out when I go back to Cairo I just may do that for you. At the moment I am in Luxor. Infinite blessings to you xx


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