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Temple of Serapis

Temple of Serapis at The Serapeum Alexandria

Temple of Serapis

For many years I have wanted to go to the Serapeum in Alexandria, but one thing and another it never happened and then the Serapeum in Sakkara opened and I thought I had it all wrong and that was the Serapeum I had been trying to get to.  Anyway, I have visited the Serapeum in Sakkara twice and while I had a wonderful experience it had nothing on my experience when the other day I made it to Serapis’ Temple at the Serapeum in Alexandria.  Yes, there really was another Serapeum in Alexandria and I had for whatever reason been directed away from it for some ten years.  I guess it is understandable with Egypt having so much to offer and so much to see and experience that my focus has gone elsewhere.

Drawn to touching the feet of Serapis.

So, the 3rd February 2016 my love affair with Serapis was reawakened and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.  The Serapeum in Alexandria is the remains of the Temple of Serapis and place of the Serapis Cult Centre, no wonder I felt so much love there. 

Was this place somewhere I have been to in lives past?  I don't know but I certainly loved being there the other day.
Monkey see monkey do
It's not all serious.  I don't really know what this stature is, but I can see now that it is male.  I didn't see that when I copied his pose.  This was just a little bit of fun mixed in with a lot of energy coursing through the body along with Keys and Codes and sacred sound.   

Temple of Serapis and the Energy

The energy for me felt like a great heart opening as the energy continued to build as we wandered around the site.  In fact, before we even arrived at the site, some 5 minutes prior to finding the place, my heart had already begun to flutter with the energy of divine love that is still resident at this here.

Alexandria was the main cult centre for Serapis and of course we know that Serapis resides in the ascension temple in the etheric over Luxor Temple in Luxor.  We are heading down toward Luxor, but meanwhile, this trip is about meeting with Serapis in other areas too.  In fact as I write this Serapis has just graced us with His Presence and the energy in our hotel room has made a radical change as I type these words.  
Sphinx - not originally at the site though

Power of Presence

The clearest message I received as I wandered the grounds of the once Temple of the God Serapis was that the new theme for my Sacred Site tour programs would in fact become known as “Power of Presence Programs”.   

Kim Wrightson Power of Presence Participant
A new mission is beginning to unfold in this new phase of my life.  This particular trip I was simply guided very strongly that it was time to go, time to begin my journeys again.  But, normally I would have already promoted my Sacred Site distant healing work from at least a month prior to leaving.  This time, I have not yet felt drawn to offer these amazing opportunities, although I know that opportunity will come; I am waiting for clear direction on when to start.  

Journeys with the Power of Presence

One person is with me on this trip.  I was not drawn to calling for a group to travel with me this time, but it was clear that one person would travel with me.  One person with her ownmission unfolding.  So, in due course and yes later this year 2016 new Power of Presence Programs to Sacred Sites will be opened up.  
Connecting with the energies of Serapis Temple
Filled with the Power of Presence and my connection with the energy of the Temple of Serapis, the keys, codes, sacred sound and mantras flowed freely through me and then I was taken by surprise as I entered an ally way within the walls of the temple structure.

Portal to the Power of Presence

The energy was so incredibly powerful; my heart expanded and I was filled with the breath of light and a language of light very deep and powerful began to speak through me as I walked down between the walls.  

I often wonder at the language that passes through me and why it comes in such a powerful manner, but LUXOR Light is such a powerful portal to finding your Power of Presence. So many amazing things that appear to be other worldly, but in fact are simply the inner world expressing itself in our outer world.  Experience of what may come as a gentle humming to even greater degrees of energy moving through the body in what we call activations:  An activation can be full body shudders to varying degrees,  to awakening to sacred sounds and the language of light.  If you can stay fully present with it, you are left with an incredible sense of peace, an expanded sense of knowing and an awesome feeling of Oneness.  

A Powerful Presence

The pictures are clearly not very flattering but I want to share them so you can see what a powerful experience it is when you allow yourself to be fully present with the experience and what it means to be held within the Power of Presence.  Of course this is not the general meaning for the experience of being in the power of presence but it is one.  
It was as if the walls were speaking through me, whispering and asking me to receive, to accept that which they were passing on; the wisdom and memories of ancient times when something far beyond our knowing, far beyond what our conscious mind can even contemplate today. 

It is not needed to understand the meaning, it just is.  Those that travel with me receive whatever passes through me awakening them to and receiving the wisdom's we lost such a very, very long time ago.  

This is remembrance.  
Remember the dance.

Temple of Serapis Subterranean Galleries

And then we entered the subterranean galleries and there was no room for talking, no room for anything other than being fully present.  The tears flowed, my heart expanded even more and yet I would not have thought that possible.  Incredible does not meet with the experience as this Divine Love humbled me as we walked through the corridors of this most sacred place. 

It is never just about the stories with me; never about the Egyptology/Khemetology, it is always about the energy.  I do not get caught up with what others say are the truths of these places.  A truth is what resonates within you and words are merely a masculine form of energy that portrays a description or a story to explain what someone says it was all about.  But energy can only be experienced.  Energy is truth; the feminine expression of the Divine Truth and you cannot explain it, you cannot put a meaning to it.  

You must experience it and the Truth is within you and the Truth will set you Free.

The Inner Sanctuary

We moved to the Inner Sanctuary.  The energy was different in here, but there were other people, a small group with a tour guide in here which I do believe is what changed the energy.  We waited until they left and had our own private time with Apis the Bull who represents Osiris.  

The name Serapis is a unification of the God Osiris and Apis the sacred bull.

I did feel very humbled again to be in this place.  I really didn't know what to expect, but as always it is better not to expect anything, because in the supposing, the expectation and thinking we leave behind our state of presence. In expectation we move away from the Now and we have an outer body experience.  When we stay fully present and focused on our inner body experience, we feel the state of presence;  Our own divinity that connects with all Divine Presence and we are at One, we are Love.  We raise our degree of consciousness and when we can hold this degree all of the time in the Now moment, we have indeed achieved enlightenment.

ChristinA Ritchie at Temple of Serapis - Serapeum, Alexandria

Thank you for reading along and I hope you will join with me on the next post as I share with you our next mystery tour to a place that has not seen tourists for 5 years.  We were apparently the first foreign tourists to visit the very solitary site of the Temple of Amun in all that time.

If you would be interested in taking part in one of my Power of Presence Programs to Sacred Sites to connect you through the energy of the Wisdom Keeper, please subscribe to my blog or email me on

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  2. WOW, Christina! Thanks so much for sharing your current journey...I am FILLED with the energy that is being shared while I was reading about it! My solar plexus is being filled to overflowing...don't know what it means but that is what is happening...Many Blessings as you continue on your journey...Love Marlene Swetlishoff


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