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Fayoum and the Essenes

Waterfalls at Wadi Rayan - el Fayoum

The Fayoum and the Essene Connection

I've had 3 visits to the Fayoum now and each time has presented so differently for me.  This day became a day of peace, tranquil moments and gaining friendships.

My fascination with Fayoum is related to the knowing that it was a place of the Essene Therapeuti The Essene Therapueti were a healing peoples connected with the Essenes sect of Holy men and women of which the personality that we know as Jesus was one of them.  For me, this has nothing to do with religion but rather about connecting with that healing energy that many of them were so well known for and we certainly know that Jesus was indeed a powerful healer as was his mother Mary and his grandmother Anna (read Anna Grandmother of Jesus)

Some of the Essenes were very political, some very pious in their spiritual sense, some became the ones who started the Christian religion and many were very powerful healers and it is this connection I am drawn to remembering.

Wadi Ryan's Healing Energy

This place Wadi Rayan just oozes with healing energy.  You can see why a healing sect would choose such a location.  Even now when the lake is clearly so much smaller than it was way back when.  Smaller it may be, but small it definitely is not.  The water surrounding the area of the Fayoum is really quite spectactular and if you are in need of emotional healing, I would most definitely recommend a visit to the Fayoum.  A stay here would be awesome and that is most definitely on the cards for one of my upcoming trips.  I can envisage a camp out at Wadi Rayan meditating the day and nights away.  .... I'm seriously feeling it!

We went out on the lake in one of the fishing boats just to get a greater feel of the tranquil energy of the area.

Last time I visited with a group we waded through the stream flowing down from the waterfalls and 3 of us took a much welcome shower under the falls, but this trip it is far too cold for that.  But it didn't matter the experience was different again and in fact really quite calming and still.

New Friends Fayoum style

Making Friends in Fayoum

We made friends with some of the Egyptian visitors from Cairo as they pulled us in to their group for a dance, photos and exchange of Facebook contacts.

Serapis and Fayoum

This trip is about connecting with the Serapis energies and so I am seeking to find as many sites as possible that have a connection with Serapis.  The Fayoum area does have a Serapis connection and I have just today discovered another site in the Fayoum that I want to visit before this trip is complete.

Meanwhile may you connect with the healing energy of the Fayoum here at Wadi Rayan.

Meditating with the spray of the waterfall lightly sprinkling our faces... bliss

Receiving the Healing Energies of Wadi Rayan and the Fayoum

Imagine the yourself standing under the waterfall receiving the light giving properties of the pure desert waters finding it's way from the Nile and traversing all there way here to Wadi Rayan.... imagine yourself receiving the wisdom codes and peace of an oasis in the desert, a welcome relief to tired bodies, physical, emotional and mental.... rejuvenating your spirit .....

Sometimes life can feel a little like the desert:  never ending isolation, loneliness and harsh environment.  How does the desert feel in your body when you tune in to feel where in your body feels like a desert, what does the desert feel like to you?

Love of the Desert

Since my first visit to Egypt I have always loved the desert.  I can't really say why, but something draws me in.  I feel at home in the desert, so I can only imagine that I have spent other lifetimes connected to the desert of Egypt and even Israel because I have huge heart openings when I drive through that area too.  .... the heart opens and love penetrates all aspects of self and our vibration expands and higher consciousness results.

I love the desert and the oasis to me feels like the light of the Universal Source of love coursing down through my central column.  Visiting Wadi Rayan, feels like I am accepting even greater light and anchoring myself more deeply into this earth plane.  I feel connected with both heaven and earth and the dry harsh environment is soothed by the gift of the waterfall.

Blessed we are to have such rugged beauty on our planet.

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