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Fire and Brimstones Infused with Love

Immersing our feet in the River Jordan

Immersion of Love

Travelling into Israel has always been a sacred thing for me and I haven't been that keen to travel with other people just in case they have buried anger and I just would not like to take an angry team with me into such a Sacred place that already has enough instability going on.  This trip was no different and was to be especially sacred as we had a mission to place love into the area known as Sodom and Gomorrah. 

I remember my first trip to Jerusalem in 2006.  I had been into Syria and was carrying some upsets within myself and was adamant that I could not enter into Jerusalem with emotional imbalances, so I worked super hard every day before entering Jerusalem to balance out my emotions and make sure I did not take any wobbles with me.  In 2009 there was a team of three of on a special purpose but normally I seem to like to be there on my own sacred retreat.  2012 was time for something different and I put it out there to run a journey of Truth and only one person took me up on it but we did have the most awesome trip through Crete and then into Israel.  We had our mission mapped out for us and were set to seek to fulfill it if at all possible.  Nothing is ever guaranteed on these trips because we are working with what is divinely designed and we don't really know if we are getting it 100% right, so it's a bit of a mystery tour and that makes it all the more fun!  

Fire and Brimstones!

So, we had sought the Ark of the Covenant in Zedekiah's Cave, followed our nose around the Old City of Jerusalem, placing our feet back where we know we have trod before this lifetime and then we had another purpose for this mission.  Given that it was 2012 and knowing we were to play a part in clearing old energy and karma away wherever we could, hell fire and brimstones would be a good place to start clearing.  Once again, no negative emotions allowed on this journey!  So, it was Jerusalem Day and we thought it would be a good day to get out of the city, but at the same time we were on curfew and would have to be back before 4pm or get locked out of the Old City.  We had our driver and we set off first of all for the Jordan River where we would use the intent to cleanse self in the Jordan River where John the Baptist baptised Jesus before we headed for the our work to be done to add some love and light back into the land at Sodom and Gomorrah.  This was serious, we did not want to take on any karma, nor seek to battle the karma, we just wanted to place some love and light back where bad things had happened; to be beacons of love and light and maybe our tiny selves could help bring some change of higher consciousness back into this land.  I'm no biblical scholar and neither is Linda and we are not caught up in the stories, we just want to help place love back where love has been removed. If it's the end of the world and we are creating a new world then, we want to create one based on love and forgiveness.  So, after our cleansing and receiving of Sacred Waters from the River Jordan, we headed off in the heat to seek Sodom and Gomorrah.  Funnily enough or so I thought, the driver who was a Christian who had a shop and lived in the Old City, didn't know anything about Sodom and Gomorrah, so we had a battle trying to explain what and where we wanted to go.  We ended up at Masada which was not where we wanted to go.  As impressive as it is, we knew we were on a time limit and we did not want to miss finding the area for our mission.  We had a quick walk around the impressive site and ancient site and then back in the car to find our way.  The driver had no idea so we had to stop and ask at a petrol station to which the attendant pointed us in the right direction but looked at me as if I was mad!  Maybe I am, but who cares, this is what we are up to.  

So, on we drove until we arrived at the house of Lot where his wife was said to have been turned to a pillar of salt, and to the cave beside it that went under the very land that was the scene of fire and brimstones. Already we were running short of time, so Linda and I went just inside the cave to be sure that our love would permeate inside and under the earth of the land where the destruction had taken place.  It was fenced off so we couldn't go in there, but that was probably a good thing and not being caught up in the stories all we wanted to do was help to heal the land and the karma.  So, we meditated on Divine Love and our driver waited, asked a few questions with some confused look on his face and then we buried some light codes that were written on paper into the stone in the cave and headed off full speed to reach Qumran 

Qmran and the Dead Sea

Qmran holds a special place in both our hearts and so we wandered the ruins, bought some dead sea stuff from the shop and then headed down to the Dead Sea for a bop around in the water.  It was hilarious; last time I came to swim in the Dead Sea I came alone and I so wished I could have experienced it with someone because I laughed so much and it really is a little embarrassing to be laughing on your own with so many people around.  You can't hold yourself down in the water, the salt is so potent that you bop around like a cork and it really is so very funny.  Well, it's funny as long as you don't have any cuts on your skin!  That is not so funny to feel the sting of the salt entering the wounds.  

Our driver was hurrying us because remember we were on curfew, so although our day was rushed, it was incredible and awesome and all those things and the best thing was that this time I was sharing it with someone else and that in itself anchored a whole lot of love everywhere we went.  We were both very much into this purpose and our intentions were pure.  

Boy, they drive fast over there and our driver really was quite nervous to be sure he got us back in time and he did.  Tired but happy and very hungry we wandered back down through the streets of the Old City toward our hostel only to find the street our hostel was in was roped off with two Israeli soldiers guarding it!  We said we want to go in there and they stood closer and said no we could not.  But it's our hostel and they looked at us so shocked that we were staying in the Muslim quarter but they let us through and we went on up to our room, rested, showered and then went downstairs to get something to eat and back up again to rest until the morning.  It was an interesting day right from the morning and knowing we wanted to be out of the city on this day to the very end of the evening where we were barricaded inside our hostel with warnings not to venture outside, to the gun shots that went off regularly throughout the night.  Very interesting indeed.... fire and brimstone......


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