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Etheric Temple of the Ressurection

The Old City of Jerusalem
This photo was not actually taken in 2012 on my tour to the Temple of the Resurrection but a year previous when I visited on my own
So, Linda and I finished our journey into Crete and like two explorers stumbled upon what I feel deeply within myself was the location of the Etheric Temple of Truth.  We were both happy with our trip and ready to fly off and into Tel Aviv and find our way to Jerusalem.  I had been to Jerusalem three times previous, but this time had a new mission and that was to seek guidance to new places and holding an intention that if it were possible to stumble upon where the Ark of the Covenant had been then maybe we too could be touched by that energy.   We visited the sites I normally go to, the Temple of Serapis being a favourite of mine located in St Anne's.  Remember I had the note with 180 names on it that were travelling with us in order to receive healing along the way energetically.  I also had individuals that I was doing personal Sacred Site healing for but to every sacred site we visited the 180 names came with us and I would stop to meditate for them and place the piece of paper with all their names somewhere in the location so the energies could be transmitted to them via the energy of their name.
The photo below is of myself and Linda outside the Garden Tomb where Mary Magdalene found that the rock had been rolled away and Jesus was not in there.  This is one of my most favourite places.  The energy of the Gardens here is so peaceful, it is a Haven of Love and Peace where I feel sure miracle of healing could happen if your heart is open enough to receive.  The tree below, I simply love and how appropriate that a tree growing in such a way should be here in this location.  There is two places they think may be where Jesus was crucified and one is just outside these gardens in a car park which they will probably never dig up to find out and the other is in the Old City at the Church of the Holy Seplchre.  Both locations are very Holy energy but I am more connected to this location as it speaks to my cells.  
It's three years now since this visit so I am finding it difficult to remember everything we did and am using the photos to spark my memory, but some places and some experiences never leave you and one of those experiences was when Linda and I went to Zedekhia's Cave.  I had read somewhere that it was a possible location for the Ark of the Covenant and so I wanted to see what we could feel in this cave.  I had never visited it previously, somehow it had escaped my notice, but all is perfect and this visit was the one to go there and so Linda and I went on another mystery tour just the two of us.  Just as we got down into the depths of the cave we met with two guys who were busy setting up video equipment.  They had some pretty high tech equipment so it was fairly clear that they must be doing a documentary or something.  I said hello and asked what they were up to and they said they were recording a documentary to do with the Ark of the Covenant!  I was shocked, surprised, bedazzled almost for a whole second! I said that is what we are here for when they went on to tell
us that they were here to debunk the theory that the Ark of the Covenant was ever in Zedekiah's cave.  Apparently they too were talking about the very same writings I had read about it having been there and they wanted to proved the guy whose name is Ken Wyatt wrong.  The main guy was very negative, but his helper was really interested in what we were doing.  We joked a little and I said we believed we may find the energy but not concerned about physical things and naturally we were not going to be allowed to go beyond the ropes into the deepest areas of the cave, but wow!  If only we could that would be awesome!  We went deeper into the cave until we felt drawn to a particular area, I could feel the energy drawing me in and so I closed my eyes and my arms were lifted and my heart opened and the language and
codes began to pour out from me.  Whatever was in here was awesome, the energy was amazing.  We continued on feeling the buzzing of energy moving through our bodies and dodging the strange looks from locals and cave guards peering at us.  On leaving the cave we saw the doco guys outside, they called out to see if we found anything, to which of course we said YES!  This trip goes on but I will stop here for now. 

When I came home to Australia, somehow I stumbled upon an old photo of the Old City that I had taken on my previous trip to Jerusalem when I was travelling alone.  This photo is the one at the top of this page. I had not noticed it before, but it was clear now that there was a magenta energy glowing over the Old City in the exact location of Zedekiah's Cave!  Clearly this was showing the energy of the Holy Shekinah (Pesence of God).  I eagerly await my next trip to the Holy City of Jerusalem and another visit to Zedekiah's cave!

The Old City of Jerusalem is the location of the Temple of Resurrection of Mary and Jesus and the colour that symbolises the resurrection in religion is magenta!

You can view more of my photos from this trip here on Facebook... I hope you can feel the energies from the photos... enjoy

Zedekiah's Cave

Old City of Jerusalem

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