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A Sacred Journey of Truth

A Journey of Truth Part One
In May of 2012 at 5 year I began a Sacred Journey of Truth.  To begin I took a group of dedicated meditators to Bali for WESAK to cover the date of the WESAK full moon on the 5th day of the 5th month of a 5 year (2+0+1+2=5).  Of course this was also the auspicious year 2012 and so I wanted to offer something different this year.  Normally I would take a group to Egypt, to the Ascension Temple of Luxor (superimposed in the etheric above the physical temple of Luxor), but this year I was not being called to Egypt and so we gathered in Bali for a five day meditation retreat to align with the energies of WESAK and then my journey of Truth would begin.  Following on from Bali I had mapped out a Sacred Journey of Healing and Divine Truth into Cyprus, Crete and Israel.  For the first part of this journey I would travel alone into Cyprus and then on to Crete where I would be met by one solo traveler who had felt drawn to take this journey with me.  However, as usual I did not really travel alone.  On a few pieces of paper folded up and in my purse were the names of over 100 people who wanted to take this journey with me even if they could not do it in the flesh.  In this way they would receive Divine healing from the places we traveled and to conclude with all names being placed in the Western Wall (Wailing Wall) in Jerusalem. Although it was Linda and I who took the physical journey, in accordance with Divine Truth, all those whose heart was with us also took this journey received healing because of it.

Divine Truth
The Ascended Master associated with this journey in particular was Ascended Master Hilarion. As it turns out there were parts to this journey that divinely came to us to enable us to complete the mission appropriately and to give us greater understanding of what we were undertaking.

St Paul was also significant and this is because St Paul was an incarnation of the Ascended Master Hilarion. Ascended Master Hilarion's etheric Retreat is in Crete.  What I did not know was why I was directed to Cyprus to begin the journey. But as the process unfolded it became very clear. I was simply acting on Divine Guidance and following my Truth. Cyprus, as it turns out was the very first mission that St Paul embarked upon after the crucifixion of Jesus. 

As humanity focuses on embracing the Fifth Ray, the Ray of Healing, Divine Truth and the Immaculate Concept (holding pure thought on behalf of another) Lord Hilarion whose residence is the Temple of Truth held in the etheric over Crete, I wanted to make his aquaintance as close as I possibly could to his retreat. This journey was to do with acknowledging this new classroom of learning as we work towards embracing the Fifth Dimension for humanity.

St Paul is a controversial figure from the time of Jesus. He was a Jew who did not believe that Jesus was the Messiah. However on the road to Damascus one day he was blinded by the light of Jesus after the resurrection and Jesus spoke to him asking him why he didn’t believe. St Paul’s sight was restored after 3 days receiving healing and from that day forward he became the person who has been attributed more so probably than anyone else for spreading the Christian message of Jesus to the world outside Palestine and for this he is greatly loved and honoured by many. However, some say he spread misleading information and distorted the message completely and so they see him as having been the beginning to the corruption of the original message of pure love and turning it into the organisation called the church.

If he distorted the original message, how come he is the teacher of Divine Truth now known as Ascended Master Hilarion might be what conjures up in your mind, but on second take I would think this is probably exactly why he became the teacher of Truth.  To make right his mission, but who are we to judge because in judging we open ourselves to judgement.  I only mention it here to point out that whatever message he spread way back then, his message is pure Truth now, and he is trying to teach us to be in that pure Truth. 

My trip to Cyprus left a feeling of “did I get it right?” as happens many times when I follow blindly one might say; guided only by my intuition but not having any substantial evidence of what I was doing was actual Truth. I’m not big on researching before I go, mostly because then I would never really have the full experience. I get the general gist of what it is about and leave the rest up to discovery. When the student is ready the teacher will appear.

My first mission was to attend St Hilarion Castle. I only had two main interests for Cyprus, at least 2 that had found me. I stumbled across them and felt drawn to go. I didn’t go wandering beyond this adventure for a couple of reasons. One was that I wasn’t aware of anything else and blocked anything else because it was not appropriate at this time and that was all I knew. I assumed St Hilarion Castle was to do with the Ascended Master Hilarion – why wouldn’t I with the name St Hilarion. Again, not being a biblical scholar of any kind I was being guided by my own truth and my own intuition – would I listen? The only information given at the site of the castle was that it was named after a saint they thought had lived there. The experience was awesome, captivating and one of my favourite things about it was the fact that it was a castle built into a mountain and I had to climb upward to reach the top and see all of it. See all of it I did and I also saw the magnificent views over Cyprus as I climbed. I love to climb because to me it represents the devotion toward my ascension and the intentions I set that I will meet all challenges along the way and allow nothing to stand in my way of ascension. Climbing represents to me the willingness to strive ever upwards and I am drawn more and more to do more and more climbing. I believe I receive huge boost of healing and further my path of ascension by doing so.

On coming home I found that St Hilarion was not St Paul as I had thought. Oops did I make a blunder? St Paul had followed a different path into Cyprus, one that had obviously been blocked from me for some reason. So, if I was on the path of finding the Divine Truth and was following what I thought was footsteps of St Paul and I know St Paul is an incarnation of Ascended Master Hilarion, who is this St Hilarion character?

Ascended Master Hilarion had three main incarnations that are relevant to the work we are doing. The first was that of St Paul (Saul of Tarsus) where we discover that he persecuted Christians even consenting to the stoning of Stephen, one of Jesus Disciples. However he became the mightiest of apostles after his fiery conversion with the resurrected Jesus on that day on the road to Damascus and spent the rest of his life following his heart and preaching his Truth. Three years after his conversion and a busy life spreading the word throughout the Mediterranean and the Middle East, he was taken up into Jesus Retreat in the Arabian Desert but he did not ascend in that lifetime due to his role as the persecutor earlier in his life.  (Listen to a message from Ascended Master Hilarion in the Language of Light Here)

Saint Hilarion
His next incarnation was an embodiment as Saint Hilarion. He was born to pagan parents in 290 A.D residing in the same geographical region in which he had lived as Paul in his previous lifetime. As a young boy, Hilarion was sent to Alexandria to study, and during this time, he heard the gospel and was converted to Christianity.
He desired only to be a hermit praying and fasting to God, so he gave his fortune away to the poor and went to live in the desert near Gaza. After 20 years in prayer in the desert he performed his first miracle where God, through him, cured a woman of barrenness and his healing ministry began. After this people came to Hilarion in droves seeking to receive his miraculous healing and ability to do exorcisms on demons. In 329 A.D., with a growing number of disciples increasing around him, he fled to Egypt to escape the constant flow of people seeking to be healed from all manner of diseases. He ended up back in Alexandria again and to the Libyan Desert and then to Sicily.

His miracles did not only include healings. Once when a seacoast town in which he was staying was threatened with a violent storm, he drew three signs of the cross into the sand at his feet then stood with hands raised toward the oncoming waves and held the sea at bay.

Hilarion spent his last years in a lonely cave on Cyprus (near St Hilarion Castle). To this day, those known as anchorites devote themselves to lives of seclusion and prayer. Hilarion ascended at the close of that embodiment and now it all made sense as to why this particular pathway was shown to me.

As the embodiment of St Paul he dedicated himself to correcting his wrongs and in so doing prepared himself for his next embodiment that was completely of Truth. In his life as St Hilarion, he was the healer. But notice how he actually did visit Cyprus in the previous incarnation. We tend to tread on the same ground as we have had incarnations in previous lifetimes and I believe that when we tread on this ground again, we pick up codes or memories that were left there before. These codes or memories resonate deep within our cellular memory and trigger growth within us so that we may move beyond our present incarnation and into a greater level of Truth on our paths. If we are new age missionaries spreading the light instead of the word, we pick up these light codes and bring them back or travel around with them spreading the light wherever we go.

The Code Carrier
As a code carrier, what I did on 9.5.2012=28/10 was climb to the top of St Hilarion Castle and send out the Sound Codes that I was carrying and probably the new ones I had collected from what St Hilarion had left behind. I worked to send the new sound codes out firstly to all those who were registered on my list (some 184 names) with intention for them to receive whatever was needed for their own personal healing and then out into the world focusing on the Mediterranean and the Middle East because these are my areas of focus. Sound has no barriers, even if not heard, sound moves through dimensions, through lifetimes and through realities and the practice of holding that pure thought on behalf of others was putting into practice the art of hold the immaculate concept. That is what we do when we send prayer and healing from a distance. This is a Fifth Ray Quality that is being taught to us by Ascended Master Hilarion. Now I think we can see why and how Master Hilarion gained some of his expertise that is now assisting humanity into the Fifth Dimension.

With the pathway set and ready for the Temple of Truth in Crete I was now able to continue on my journey. While still in Cyprus, I had a strong interest in visiting a small village in Kormakatis where the villagers still speak Aramaic, the same language spoken by Jesus. I wasn’t really sure how this fit with the mission at hand but felt very drawn to doing it. My feeling now is that it was simply about the energy behind the word/language. I thought it had something to do with my own Ancient Languages that I speak which speak the Truth as they speak directly to the Soul, but I think it is simpler than that now. I believe it was about acknowledging the word (Truth) spoken by Jesus because it was not necessary for me to hear the language and that was perfectly orchestrated with the priest not being physical present in the village the day I went there. After I meditated outside the church I noticed at my feet a white feather belonging to a dove. The white Dove is the symbol of Jesus or of the Holy Spirit and feathers are always messages from the angels reminding us that the Divine is present in our lives and showing us that we are on the right path and to continue with the faith in that direction. It was a global 29/11 day that day acknowledging that inspiration is being directed to us by the Divine/Spirit.

This mission into Cyprus was complete and I could move on to the next phase of my journey of Truth.

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